Ace Volleyball Scoreboard brings the technology of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in to the world of volleyball. Ace Volleyball Scorecoard changes the game and adds features that traditional scoreboards would never be able to emulate. Ace Volleyball Scoreboard allows for ease of use for individual users wanting to track a game’s score or for the gymnasiums that want to replace their traditional, static scoreboards.

Advantages of Ace Volleyball Scoreboard


– Display the scoreboard on your iPad on the big screen.

– Replace traditional, cumbersome scoreboards

– Display custom images, ads, and music to cater to your audience

Track and Save

– Track and Save all games, including sets and runtime

– Scoreboard displays all sets, along with team colors representing who won that set


– Over 10 color scoreboards to choose from.

– Upload your own image to the scoreboard for a personalized look. Be Unique

– Own or run a gymnasium? Run custom ads on the scoreboard. Reach your audience.

– On screen Jersey colors and team logos for instant recognition


– Share scores to Twitter or Facebook
– Share current set scores and overall scores
– Great way to keep fans, family, and friends updated

Other Great Features:

Pre-Game Warmup Audio: Help the players get ready for the game.

Ticker Tape: Display important messages to audience


Visual Serve Arrows: Volleyball serve indicators

Play-by-Play: See what sets were won at what time during the game.

Teams: Add as many teams as you want. Choose their jersey color and more.

Games: Create scheduled games for future battles

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